Bahabox landing page

Improve the Guest Experience

Earn more selling gifts, rentals, & extra services.


What Other Hosts Are Selling

  •    Rentals

    Bikes, kayaks, surfboards, scooters, memberships, etc..

  •    Extra Services

    Room cleaning, breakfast, in-house bartender, massages, dry cleaning, etc..

  •    Gifts

    Local products, daily amenities, travel supplies, snacks, beauty products, etc..

How It Works

  1. The Bahabox is placed in your guest room(s) and complements an online store to showcase your offerings.
  2. Your guests enter a box number to browse your offerings & pay for purchases online.
  3. After payment, guests retrieve any physical purchases from the box using the provided lock combinations while hosts are notified via email.
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Bahabox landing page

5mm thick acrylic: 30x40x12cm

Bahabox landing page

Free for hosts

Sign up early and get the technology. A small fully refundable deposit will be required.

Easy to use

We ship the Bahabox and a set of supplies direct to your door. Just place the box where your guests will find it.

Earn more money

Earn money from sales commissions, offering rentals/services, and selling your own recommendations.

  • “My guests enjoy the convenience of being able to purchase travel guides and accessories right in their room. ”
    Helene Ponty
    Burlingame, CA
  • “Many travelers visit Japan to buy beauty products. I make money through my recommendations. ”
    Meg Takahashi
    Osaka, Japan
  • “I’ve been using Bahabox to sell camping accessories. Needless to say my guests need those exact items when they visit my cabin. ”
    Gerrit Hall
    Seattle, WA

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will I receive my Bahabox?
    We're working on making and sending out as many boxes as we can. Our priority are North American hosts.
  • How do I setup my Bahabox?
    Each box will arrive in the mail with step-by-step instructions to help you get started.
  • How will a physical box sell rentals and extra services?
    The thing about a physical box with goodies inside is it's difficult to ignore. It attracts guests to your online store where they see the rentals and services you offer.
  • Doesn't this look cheap to my guests?
    It depends what you offer. We suggest offering some complementary items.
  • What is your pricing?
    Bahabox will always be free for hosts minus credit card processing fees (typically less than 3%). Once we complete our beta, guests will be charged a 20% service fee.
  • How do guest payments work?
    Bahabox offers secure online payment via credit card, Apple pay, Google pay, and Alipay. Guests are charged after a purchase, and hosts are paid within 48 hours. Hosts will be paid via direct deposit.
  • I have another question or feedback..
    Contact us at, we look forward to hearing from you.

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